Monday, October 7, 2013


What can't you leave home without? 
Technology is becoming more and more important for every day living. People have become so dependent on it that life without it seems so unreal. Most people go into a panic attack just thinking about it. It's 2013 now and we had a very specific question we had for people - "What is something you can't leave home without?".

We surveyed random people off the streets all over the country of all ages. One month is how long it took for us to conduct the survey and to tally up the results. Here are the top 10 answers we got -

10. Gum

9. Headphones

8. Supplements

7. iPad

6. Watch

5. Keys

4. Money

3. Water

2. Sunglasses

1. Cellphone

People are passionate about their cellphones for sure. A couple close ones that didn't make the list - PSP, 3DS and Dog (which we really thought would make it on the list.)

Image Sources: tburneimgurconnorsimpson