Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Cola wars: Whats the best soda? What do you think?

There have been many articles on the internet about which cola is the best, but this article will give you the facts from REAL people. 

Have you ever wondered whats really the best? Not just the best that some website or blog tells you, but whats really the best to REAL PEOPLE?

We took 500 people from every state and put them to the ultimate cola taste test. Ages range from children 10 and up to adults in their 70's. We're talking 100 Pepsi drinkers, 100 Coca-Cola drinkers, 100 RC Cola drinkers, 100 general coke drinkers who had no specific preference and 100 people who gave up soda long ago. 

You wanted it, you've been asking for it, you've DEMANDED IT, so here it is - 


Calories - 140
Sodium - 45mg
Total Carbohydrates - 39g
Sugars - 39g

Taste Test
Coca-Cola Drinkers: 86 out of 100 
Pepsi Drinkers: 4 out of 100
RC Cola Drinkers: 9 out of 100
General Drinkers: 42 out of 100
Non-Coke Drinkers: 59 out of 100


Calories - 150
Sodium - 30mg
Total Carbohydrates - 41g
Sugar - 41g

Taste Test
Coca-Cola Drinkers: 3 out of 100 
Pepsi Drinkers: 77 out of 100
RC Cola Drinkers: 29 out of 100
General Drinkers: 46 out of 100
Non-Coke Drinkers: 23 out of 100


Calories - 160
Sodium - 40mg
Total Carbohydrates - 43g 
Sugars - 42g

Taste Test
Coca-Cola Drinkers: 11 out of 100
Pepsi Drinkers: 19 out of 100
RC Cola Drinkers: 62 out of 100
General Drinkers: 12 out of 100
Non-Coke Drinkers: 18 out of 100

JiPoshy Recommendation

Coca-Cola pulls through with the win on this one. Not only did people find it the best tasting, but it's also the healthiest of the three.

Interesting Facts

  • Did you know Coca-Cola is not only the number 1 cola but it's Diet Coke label is right behind it at number 2? (Leaving Pepsi at number 3)
  • We had a couple complaints from subjects who experienced tooth pain during our Pepsi tasting. Even though Pepsi has only a couple more grams of high fructose corn syrup than it's competitors, this had no significant impact on their final decision.
  • We initially did two surveys - One with cans, one with bottles. However, we found no significant difference in experience or overall influence.
  • Even they opened the cans and bottles themselves, some subects also complained of a "Flat taste" during the RC Cola tasting.

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