Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Find out what your interviewer is secretly looking at. 

Job interviews are like a game of chess. Most job seekers would love to know what the interviewer is thinking during the interview. We decided to give a simple and quick glimpse into what employers are really looking at when hiring. Would it be a surprise to you that some employers would take your lack of experience for a better looking resume? Or better looking shoes over your energy level?  

We took a draw off a poll on to answer our question. We thought a playful survey would help them open up in a more honest way. This one didn't quite go one way as some answers ended up being things they look for in a negative way. Some of the most popular answers they gave us were unexpected to say the least. -

10. Shoes

9. Eye Contact

8. Experience

7. Criminal History

6. Tattoos

5. Resume

4. Handshake

3. Age

2. Race

1. Personality

Whoever said personality goes a long way wasn't kidding. A couple close ones shy of the 10 spot - Gum chewing, Posture, Work History and Smile.

images: marlo-noni