Saturday, November 9, 2013


Do you wonder what kind of food white people eat? Silly question right?

Stereotypes can be ugly, hurtful and sometimes very contradictory 
to the evidence. We asked random white people in 13 states across the country - "What are 10 foods white people love to eat?"   

Some would argue the question itself is silly considering we are all human and skin color has nothing to do with what people find delicious. Here at Jiposhy we would love to break stereotypes once and for all. We believe all people are created equal even when the answers are not. You be the judge -

10. Pasta (Lasagna, Mac and Cheese, Ravioli)

9. Fruit (Bananas, Tomatoes, Avocado)

8. Soup (Chicken Noodle, Vegetable, Clam Chowder)

7. Chicken (Eggs, Fried, BBQ)

6. Pork (Bacon, BBQ Ribs, Sausage)

5. Vegetables (Potatoes, Lettuce, Carrots)

4. Diary (Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream)

3. Pizza

2. Fish (Sushi, Salmon, Shrimp)

1. Beef (Ground, Steak, BBQ Ribs)

What do you think? As you can see, a couple answers fell into the same category, so we mentioned the top 3 answers for each. As silly as this survey was, we felt it was necessary to shed light on other foods certain people like. As all people are not all closed minded, same applies for race and their taste in food. 

A couple close answers shy of the list were Quesadilla, Cereal, Corn.  

image source: ginnerobot