Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Is there a rush? Or is it worth the wait?

With the new Playstation 4 and Xbox One coming out people are either talking about getting them right away or waiting it out. There's pro's and con's to each but do they even out? The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are still pumping out games. There's even some very highly anticipated releases coming up early next year, so whats the rush? 

Fans are lining up to pickup their pre-orders but are these impulse buyers making irrational emotional decisions? Most people will tell you they don't care, they're still getting it right when it comes out no matter what improvements await in the future. So do you care about paying more now or paying less later? Can you wait or do you need it now?

Why you should buy now
  • You get to be first - You get to experience the latest in video game technology before most people who can afford it will. You will have beaten most new games before everyone else has and therefore be able to be the first to review and recommend them. Who has patience these days?

  • You have a better chance of modifying your system - As time goes on, the bugs and glitches will be patched up. This will make it much harder if not impossible to modify your system in the future to download and play games for free. Who doesn't want free games?

Why you shouldn't buy now
  • You get to be last - You get to experience game reviews before you play them. You have a chance to make a more researched decision instead of an impulse one on not only the games but the gaming platforms themselves. Who doesn't want to know what their getting into?

  • You have a better chance at a better price - The longer you wait it out the lower the price will come down. That goes for the games and the systems. Who doesn't like saving money?

  • For the sake of being pretty - A new "slim" version of these consoles will come out and make the older versions look terrible. Who doesn't want something that looks better? 

So what do you think? Are you going to get it right away or are you going to wait? 

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