Thursday, November 21, 2013


Is YouTube the new home for music videos?

YouTube has bridged the gap between the fan and the artist like MTV never has. Music artist have flooded the site with personal vlog's, back stage footage, live concerts, album previews and interviews. Meanwhile, MTV has to chase these things down first hand. 

After the Total Request Live era, MTV went downhill as it turned it's attention to "reality television". Soon after the channel was flooded with more pregnant teenagers than actual music videos. So isn't YouTube flooded with the same? Somewhat, but YouTube isn't branded with just one category - "Music".

Will the YouTube awards be bigger than the MTV awards?

Believe it or not, YouTube has taken freedom of speech to a worldwide level. People have the opportunity now more than ever to create their own fan base for whatever creative outlet they have. YouTube has given everyone a chance to create their own television channel, but unlike your local public access, these channels are worldwide.   

On MTV you would never hear anyone really voice their opinion about an album or song, but these days online everyone and their mother has become an extremely hard-to-please critic to almost everything. The ability to comment on everything has allowed everyone to voice their opinions. 

But YouTube has carefully brought this into consideration, taking it's voting system very seriously. In fact, they have now utilized this system to create a music awards show. Are they aiming for MTV's neck? They already have more viewers for music and music videos but now awards?  

Has MTV taken the back seat to YouTube? Or is it premature to say?

MTV is now continuing to take another tumble downhill after it's Jersey Shore series ended. But instead of going back to it's roots as a music station, MTV is again reaching for reality television. It really makes you wonder why it's called music television doesn't it?  

With the way things look, YouTube has become much more than MTV, it's replaced television. Think about it, is there anything on TV you can't find on YouTube? Why would you wait for something a television channel wants to show you rather than looking for what you want yourself? What do you think? Do you watch music videos on MTV or YouTube?

Gif: kat-tan