Monday, December 23, 2013


Is it true what they say? Can the loving Taurus be an unfaithful cheater?

If you are unaware this may come as a shock to you, but Taurus are apparently known for their unfaithful nature. Taurus men have been known to be womanizers and Taurus women have been known to get around. In fact, in our OKCUPID VS PLENTY OF FISH study we anonymously asked the number of sexual partners of each participant. The results? We matched higher numbers of sexual partners to Taurus members. Coincidence? 

Doing your own personal research on the subject you will find articles all over the internet on the matter. In fact, you will find others who are testifying to the claim. Disturbing? Maybe. It could be true but we wouldn't count out the other signs of the Zodiac just yet. Claiming Taurus are cheaters is certainly ridiculous as you are generalizing an entire group of people based on time of birth. Who knows what kind of people you could have mixed in their. 

Since George Clooney is a Taurus, does that make him a cheater in his relationships?

Even with taking this exception into consideration, people who lean more toward personality traits than daily horoscopes still carry caution for the earth sign. So is it possible if you're born Taurus you have a higher possibility of cheating on your significant other? Who knows really? Maybe cheating traits are stronger in Taurus, but it is within all of us. Anyone can cheat if they wanted to. If Taurus has a stronger sense to do so, that remains unknown. 

So what do you think? Do you know a Taurus who cheats on their lovers? Have you been cheated on by a Taurus? Are you a Taurus who's cheated? Let's face it, being honest about it isn't going to stop people from dating you. So you might as well tell the truth about it. Do you believe this to be true or not? Leave your feedback. 

Image source:  Tumblr


  1. If you are dating a taurus youre doomed and will feel heartbreak like youve never felt. Heartbreak for the cheating and for trying to change them.

  2. Was in a relationship for 10 years with a Taurus woman who would go cold on me at times. Eventually she started going out and not telling me where she went. Her lies eventually caught up with her and we went our separate ways. I agree with the article on not letting this have a definitive say so in your choices, but I'd rather just keep my distance from them.

  3. Do you really expect one to comment and be honest about their disloyal ways? Of course they will deny it. BOOOOOOOOOOO!