Thursday, December 19, 2013


Do you find it harder to workout in the Summer or Winter?

Is it hard for you to workout in the heat? How about the cold? Some people just can't handle either, therefore their workouts begin to suffer due to the weather change. So what's the solution? Turn on the AC during your cardio routine in the summer? Turn up the furnace before you sit down on that yoga mat? How about having a cold or a hot drink nearby to help things along? 

We took to Yahoo Answers for some suggestions and didn't receive much guidance in our quest for a definitive answer. What we did do however was setup an online poll on a bodybuilding website. We found that 74% percent of people who workout at least 2 times a week at the gym, find it more difficult to workout in the cold.  

So what is it? The humid sizzle of Summer or the icy burn of Winter? 

Okay so we all remember the days in high school when we ran cross country early in the morning or on a cold day, right? That burning in your chest and throat? It seems running in the cold can be harder than in the heat right? And picking up some freezing iron weights isn't any fun either when you're trying to stay warm in the winter. 

But is the cold weather really harder to workout in? Some people love the cold weather, and claim they owe their fitness results and overall success to it. After all, you do burn more calories in the cold as your body fights to stay warm, and you do have to fight a lot harder to break a sweat. So maybe it is understandable how some people can prefer it over a humid workout. 

What do you think? Do you prefer to workout in the hot weather or the cold weather? Do you think people are weaker in the winter time? Lazy in the summertime? Some athletes have to workout year round, and even harder in the off-season. Are you in sports? Do you train all year round? What do you find harder to workout in and why? Do you have some tips for people? Leave some of that experience on your way out.

Images: dieseldemon, tumblr