Wednesday, December 4, 2013


More and more delicious items are being labeled "No Sugar Added", but what does it mean?

 Our society is becoming more and more aware of health issues, people are living longer than ever. Food is not only having to pass the FDA but now it's going up against label readers. With so many studies linking sugar to obesity it's no wonder these companies are doing everything in their power to find a balance between taste and health benefits.
 What does "no sugar added" really mean? It seems to be coming up more and more each day. You find it printed on baked goods, fruit juices, soda, sauces, dairy and almost anything else you come across in your supermarket. Most people believe these items to be sugar free, but that's not always the case.  

What would fruit taste like without it's natural sugar?

 "No sugar added" either means a sweetener has been added or the contents have natural sugar. Items like fruits and some vegetables have natural sugars. Dairy has a lactose, which is a form of disaccharide sugar. When it comes to baked goods, we have artificial sweeteners. Sometimes you have a combination of natural sugar and artificial sweeteners.

 For those who are trying to stay away from sugar, don't be fooled, a banana will feed the bacteria in a cavity just as much as a candy bar can. Natural sugars aren't necessarily better than refined sugar, but there is some believers out there that support the theory. No matter what your position on sugar is, you can't defend natural sugar because it makes you feel better about yourself, sugar is sugar. 

 So who should be looking for something with "no sugar added"? If you have a toothache, trying to lose some weight or if you're just not into really sweet tasting food - then it might be in your best interest. If you're keen about staying away from sweeteners, the "no sugar added" mantra should be a clear sign to read the label. 

 What do you think? Do you know someone who buys these products? Do you buy sugar free or no sugar added products? Do they work for you? Are you against them? How do you feel about artificial sweeteners? Are you someone who uses them? Or are you like the other 70% who are addicted to sugar and you avoid these products at all cost?