Tuesday, December 17, 2013


What came first, the apology or the forgiveness?

Regardless of what dirty details you might find in the argument, who should make the first move to peace? Your typical answer would be "the bigger person", but does forgiveness go hand and hand with an apology? Does an apology call for forgiveness or can it be shown without it? We took to Yahoo Answers for some different perspectives.

Communication can be hard for some, so taking this into consideration is a must when waiting for an apology. Some people don't know how to apologize. They might not know how to put their feelings into words or they just might not be as good at it as you are. But can this be a pass for instant forgiveness? 

Some people will believe they deserve forgiveness because they're your family, or they're your friend, or your lover. The fact is, there is probably a very good reason you are mad at them, or is it a very good reason? How much time has passed? Do you feel silly about it now? Or are you still mad?

When punishing someone by withholding your forgiveness, do you become the one carrying the burden? Can you go a day without thinking about the split? Can you talk to someone who is connected to them without thinking about it? Or do you always think about it? Do you live with this person? Do you see this person every day?

Lay everything out in front of you, does the punishment fit the crime? At times we hold people accountable for certain actions we would never want to be held for ourselves. Should you treat this situation any different? Maybe it runs much deeper for you, but be careful that it doesn't run too deep or too long. Regret is a very real emotion that often goes unseen until it's actually in your life.

Yahoo Answers is filled with everyday people exchanging opinions. We took to the site with this very question to see what answers we could dig up. Here are some of the answers - 

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