Thursday, December 26, 2013


Do you eat more sweets around the holidays?

Yes, yes and more YES! Well, candy and poor hygiene mainly. Do you eat a lot of candy? Most people who have teeth problems do. Do you know someone who eats sweets and blames their toothache on genetics? Or just refuses to blame sugar? Or maybe YOU are the one lost deep in sugary denial? It's so hard to avoid these days when shopping at your local market. It's in everything from juices, fruits, milk, breads, butters, sauces, coffee, creamers, yogurts, crackers, sodas, and pretty much everything else people consume on a daily basis. 

Is it really a shock that dentist make so much money? Sugar is their best friend. Dentist will tell you to brush and floss, but what they won't tell you is what they support behind your back. Things like campaigns against sweeteners (that have no damage on teeth), sonic toothbrushes, or the study of something that will rid us of cavities forever no matter what we eat. But can you really blame them? They're trying to make a living, and need your teeth to need them.

With people being so critical of their smile and the way their teeth look, it's hard to believe sugar is still floating around everywhere. If you've ever experienced a toothache, you'd probably agree it's the worst kind of pain you could have. You could have a broken arm, a stubbed toe, stomach cramps, a backache, the worst acne breakout and still their no match for the pain inside your head. A toothache can even put the worst migraine to shame if it's bad enough. 

So is sugar bad for your teeth? Is sugar poison to the body? Is it just rotting our teeth out of our heads and making us fat? Is sugar slowly killing us but we're so addicted we don't care? Is sugar an addiction? Some articles online even claim you can reverse cavities altogether by cutting sugar out of your diet. 

So what do you think? Have you ever experienced a horrible toothache after having too much sugar? Do you go to the dentist too much? Do you blame sugar for your bad teeth? Do you regret eating too much when you were younger? Is it because of sugar? Or have you cut sugar out of your life and you've seen results? Share your story with the rest of us.  

Gif Source: vickyroberts Title image: chrisvandyck