Friday, December 27, 2013


Did faking his retirement twice in one week hurt his credibility? 

Over the years, Justin Bieber has been in the news for pretty much everything he's done. Recently his "Believe" documentary hit theatres and tanked. Bieber fled to radio stations and announced his retirement shortly after, which confused his fans. Bieber then apologized and in that same week, threatened to retire again. So was Justin that upset over his film not making the money they wanted it to make at it's open? Or is Justin Bieber starting to see a decline in his popularity? 

Can losing fans stop Bieber?

When you hear Justin Bieber in the news, 99.9% of the time it's not about his music. So what does that mean? Isn't his music the reason he's famous? Or is it his looks? If Justin Bieber was a model would you look at him the same? Would he have the same impact? Probably not. He sells out concerts everywhere he goes and touring only adds to his popularity. But if his name means money to record labels and endorsements worldwide, and he has a pretty large fan-base, how could his movie bomb?

Bieber threatens to retire twice in one week, but was it all to stir his fans up?

Was Bieber's retirement announcements fake? Was it all a publicity stunt? If his movie bombed and they lost money on it, is it logical to think his management would advise him to stir some sort of controversy to gain attention? Maybe saying something like retiring would scare some fans into going and seeing the movie again? What do you think?

Is Justin Bieber running on fumes? Has he passed his peak? His prime? When starting a career so early, it's even harder to maintain longevity. How much talent relevance can Bieber squeeze out of his career? Did you see the movie? What did you think of "Believe"? Was it a good documentary? Or were you one of the people who didn't see it and didn't even know it was out in theatres? Let us know what you think.

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