Monday, December 30, 2013


Is a Virgo's curse the need for perfection?

There's nothing wrong with trying to be perfect, right? What if the need to be perfect was the only thing holding you back? Meet the Virgo, the most critical thinking of all the Zodiac children. There's a reason why the word Perfection is associated with this earth sign. So what's wrong with trying to be flawless? Is there a penalty for trying to do your best? What's the problem with being overcritical? Isn't playing it safe with as little risk as possible the smart thing to do?

Well yes it is the smart thing to do; but sometimes the smart thing is not always the best thing. Sometimes surrounding yourself in a safety net can distance you from the excitement in life. Virgos rarely feel the spontaneous rush and adrenaline social activities have to offer. Virgos think very carefully about everything they do along with what others do. Does that make Virgos nosy? No, but it can make them judgemental.

Did you know the late Paul Walker was a Virgo?

Google, along with almost every other search engine will tell you that Virgos have a big problem with procrastination. Why is that? Well, picture an artist drawing a painting, and just when you think it's finished they tear the whole thing down. Ridiculous? Yes, it can be to an onlooker; however, to a Virgo this is the
creative process. Virgo's are easily frustrated with their work and can become agitated in the poor choices of others. If you're asking a Virgo his or her opinion on something, you're asking the right person. 

Is Beyonce a typical Virgo?

Critical of themselves and of others, the Virgo has a non-stop flow of nit-picking thoughts on every imperfection they see. This may be the reason why they make the best interior decorators. However Virgo's can go too far with this behavior when it runs into relationships, as they try to change things that have no room for improvement. If it's not broke, don't fix it right?

Procrastination is a daily struggle for Virgo's as they apparently can't get things done. It's not that they're lazy, but that they set the bar so high even they can't reach it. Virgo's can be talented, artistic, and extremely creative people when their need for perfection is sacrificed. The sad thing is, most will never feel the rush of flying because their idea doesn't meet their incredible demand.

Do you know a Virgo who's like this? Are you a Virgo who procrastinates? Does everything you do have to be perfect? Or are you a Virgo who's not like the others in your clan? Are you sloppy? Have you ever dated
a Virgo? Do any of these qualities sound familiar? Let us know what you think.

Yes, the King of Pop was a Virgo.

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