Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Do more people have tattoos than people who don't? 

No this isn't the war against tattoos, but do more people have tattoos then don't have them now? Tattoos are now considered artistic expression in the flesh. There was once a time when tattoos were identified as criminal. Gang members all across the world use them to identify each other. People are still misunderstood as rival gang members and killed today for the ink they have. However, this hasn't stopped anyone from considering it as art.

Today's youth has glorified the practice indefinitely. It truly seems it's here to stay, and has become a snowballing trend. But like all trends, they become a dim blue flame gasping for a draft. So have tattoos become too common now? Have they lost their edge? Has the art become too soft? Let your fingers tap dance into a google image search and you'll be very surprised at what people have committed to. With that in mind it's understandable why tattoo removal is a pretty successful business model.  

This may be of interest to some of you - Did you know some people use tattoos to cover up something about their body they don't like? Moles, birthmarks, scars, stretchmarks have all been complemented by tattoos. So does that mean that tattoos are makeup for the body? If someone you're dating is hiding something unsightly with a tattoo and didn't tell you, would it bother you when you found out? Read our other article on deceiving makeup practices here.  

There is no question that tattoos can seem very beautiful but consider the people who are wearing them. Some of the most beautiful tattoo pictures are on supermodels. So it's understandable how the influence can be earthquaking to some. Are tattoos stupid? No. Are they silly? They can be. Some tattoos that can be found online are comical indeed. For the most part body art is responsible for some of the most incredible images due to the talented hands behind it.  

Do you find tattoos sexy or does the sight of them turn you off?

Why are people so judgmental when they see someone with tattoos? Why are some jobs interviews iced at the first sign of ink? To some, that act of marking your body is a disrespect not only to yourself but to god. A popular argument is you are gods creation and you are marking over that display. Some people with that mentality may find you disturbing or rather you may be a disturbed individual altogether.    

So should you give tattoos careful consideration given the people who may find them unsavory? Absolutely not. You should make decisions on what makes you happy, not what others potentially think of you. But any permanent decision should always be well thought out one. What do you think? Do you have tattoos? Do you regret any?

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