Saturday, December 7, 2013


Should men be entitled to know what a women really looks like before he dates her? 

Makeup is a sensitive issue for some women. It's used to cover up scars, freckles, pimples and any other blemish that could ward off potential customers. The question is, are some women going too far with it? Many images of faces before and after makeup have surfaced and have caused warranted attention. Now with contouring, women have really taken it to the next level. 

 "Is contouring the new photoshop?" is the title of many articles which are criticising the new trend for being misleading, but is it really? If you're willing to say contouring is misleading, how about any makeup at all? Isn't it all questionable? Fake eyelashes are pressed on, fake nails glued, hair extensions weaved into skulls, and collagen injected into body parts everyday. So what's the big deal?   

 But is it misleading to the opposite sex? - That's the real issue here. Do men have the right to see a womans face without makeup before dating? This is where you need to be careful when saying that looks don't matter to you, because those words can come back to haunt you the morning after. So is it fair to ask all women to keep a picture without makeup on their phone for reference on dates?

 How about the nails, eyelashes and hair? Do men have a right to know? Or do they have to be in a relationship with you before you tell them? Is hiding these things, as bad as lying? In our study What's better OKCupid or Plenty Of Fish, women complained that men lie about the smallest things. Ironic? What do you think? 

 Is wearing too much makeup as bad as the "Myspace angles" in pictures? Is it false advertisement? Is wearing too much makeup, rather wearing a face that's just not yours - misleading? If your date loves long eyelashes and you have fake ones on and he mentions it, would you bring up they're fake? How about your long hair extention? Or nails? 

 If a man sent you a shirtless picture, and you found out he airbrushed his chest and abs on - how would you feel? Or if you were dating a man, ended up having sex with him and the next morning he was next to you bald? How about him pulling a sock out of his underwear? or when his shirt came off he was wearing a girdle? Funny right? But are these things you would want to know about as a woman? Or casually learn about after you're well invested into this person?

 Natural beauty is hard to find for men, when women cover it up. Some men find freckles sexy but some women hate theirs so much they cover it up. What about contacts? What if the guy you like loves brown eyed girls but you wear blue contacts? Of course you'd never know it, but he'd never know it either. 

 Do you think men and women are lying to each other even with image? If you hide things from the person you're seeing, does that make you a liar? Do you think contouring is an issue? Do you wear makeup? Do you know people who wear too much? Are you one of those people? Let's discuss...

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