Monday, December 2, 2013



Is all television fake these days? We're not talking about the personas actors portray or the typical attitudes actresses carry but the actual events that take place on these "unscripted shows" or "live television" in general. Some things seem so outrageous it's hard to believe they were spontaneous moments worthy of being a viral video on YouTube.  Sometimes it just seems so fake.

Even some news programs have had segment malfunctions that were later revealed to be previously rehearsed. Take the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for example: Bruno (Sasha Cohen) made a flying angel winged entrance and fell upside down on rapper Eminem's face. To make things worse, his entire bottom was exposed. 

It's hard to find a viral video anywhere where the word "Fake!" isn't in it's comment section. So where do we draw the line? Conspiracy theorist will go as far to say someones death is "fake". Really, how real is the world we're living in? Have things gotten so boring that some television channels have to be fake to survive? What happened to honest spontaneity? 

A friend forwarded us an email last year about a murder mystery broadcast on television and was said to be based on a true story. Further investigation revealed the story to be fake. This is nothing new as movies, books and shows alike have all been exposed for being without source over the years.  

So can we watch a show without something stupid happening and making ridiculous headlines? Is reality television insulting our intelligence? Or is this the future of our entertainment and everything on television should be considered fake? More importantly are these antics being leaked into classic shows like Americas Most Funniest Videos?

Will we ever see Dog The Bounty Hunter miss his mark and not catch a fugitive or is he just that good for the camera? Will we see a talk show without a smirking bad actor during a serious topic? Is it possible anymore to have an award show without some questionable controversy? How about watching someones car being repossessed without them hanging on the bumper and screaming at the top of their lungs? 

On the other side of things, even if something is truly genuine people will say it's fake. So how can you tell? How can we know for sure if something is real or fake? Once a channel or brand identifies with these shenanigans does that bring everything they show into question? What do you think?