Sunday, December 29, 2013


What bloggers and dentist are saying about her tongue online. 

It seems the internet has a problem with Miley always sticking out her tongue. Numerous sites have posted stories on her tongue including moments when her tongue was caked with white stuff. Now to be fair, she's never claimed to be perfect. In what interview did she ever claim to be anything but human? Does everyone always have a clean tongue? Does her having a white tongue in some photos indicate shes disgusting? Don't be ridiculous!

Well apparently some dentist online are claiming she has a "problem" and bloggers are calling it disgusting. We agree seeing someones tongue draped in hot mouth fungus can be gross, but does anyone really know what the situation was? Does anyone think of the events that may have taken place before the photos were shot? Maybe she ate? Had a protein shake? Who knows for sure?

Is Miley Cyrus a modern day Disney villain? 

As we mentioned in our previous Miley article, all the hateful conversation is only making her bigger. Celebrities feed on hate, the disbelief of their talents, and the inquiry of their relevance. What these articles online are saying about her tongue film is nothing but speculation. Not only is a dental exam through a tongue photo ridiculous, it's extremely unprofessional. Miley addressed her tongue photos with Barbara Walters, saying she hates her picture taken. She also addressed her tongue sticking in an SNL promo video.

Pictures have flooded the internet of Miley's "White" tongue, along with some pretty nasty artwork of the pop queen. Regardless of the negativity, her popularity is staying strong. We recently posted her new video Adore You, in which again she's dropping that famous tongue out. The video and song itself wasn't very well received at it's debut, but quickly grew on her fans. Originally, commenters were saying she "ran out of ideas" and was "being controversial for the sake of controversy". 

The truth is if you hate Miley Cyrus you're going to need to get over it. She's obviously here to stay and nothing you can say will change that. Only her fans, the people who love her, have the power to truly stop her. She may have stopped being a role model to children but she's not a child anymore. She needs to appeal to a much larger demographic if she plans on surviving in the world of entertainment, and she definitely knows that. 

So how do you feel about the whole situation? Is there too much attention being spent on things like her tongue? Do you think she has a problem with her health from looking at pictures of her tongue? Miley has admitted to smoking weed and has done so on stage, so could it be cottonmouth she has? Do you think her sticking out her tongue is gross, or not a big deal? Let us know what you think.

Gif source: celebuzz