Monday, December 16, 2013


Soundcloud takes down it's biggest mp3 converter, SoundDrain.

SoundCloud has not only been one of the fastest growing music streaming sites of all time, but has become the home for many music artist to connect with fans once again. But there's been a huge problem for some people, only some songs are made available for download. To add insult to injury, some songs don't even have an option for purchase.

Then along came SoundDrain, a site that let you enter any song url and let you download it in MP3 format. Pretty awesome, until today. SoundCloud apparently had the site shut down, and that means no more stuffing your ipod with remixes of your favorite songs. According to the SoundDrain Facebook page, the shutdown was per request of SoundCloud. A user was left asking "So is SoundDrain no more?". 

Yes it may be possible SoundDrain is no more, but don't fret for there are alternatives. So what do you think of SoundCloud flexing its muscle on SoundDrain? Do you think it's fair? Most of the songs the site host are remixes from everyday users and the songs themselves hold no copyright. Do you think SoundCloud should allow all songs to be downloaded? Maybe at a lower quality? 

Or do you think SoundCloud has done the right thing and all music should be protected? After all if the musicians wanted their songs to be downloaded, they would have made them freely available. What do you think? Are you a fan of SoundCloud? Have you used SoundDrain to download an MP3? 

Image sources: Tumblr, Reaction Gifs