Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What if the Die Hard star was cast as Walter White?

Bruce Willis' overall career is a long, action-packed, well executed, thoroughly impressive resume of work. Even at his age, most fans will tell you he's not even close to retiring from Hollywood. The man has become a hollywood legend, and a household name in the same breath. With such incredible performances in films like 12 Monkeys, Armageddon, Pulp Fiction, The Die Hard trilogy, Sin City, and The Sixth Sense - there's no doubt he could have taken on this television role with ease.

But do you think it would have made the series more popular? Or would it have suffered in ratings? Would Willis be a horrible idea for the television series? Maybe if they rolled out a full length film
for Breaking Bad Willis would be a great choice? Or is Bruce Willis too old now? We take a brief look and entertain the thought of Willis as Walter White in this weeks "What If Wednesdays" Series.  


How would Bruce Willis' role play out in Breaking Bad?

  • Bruce Willis is no stranger to the dangerous, action packed roles - With most of his resume centered around some of the most tense moments in film, Willis should have no problem taking on the role of White. 

  • How would the chemistry be between Willis and the rest of the cast of Breaking Bad? - Willis has has no history of conflict with other actors or actresses as far as chemistry goes. In fact, Willis has adapted to every role he's ever played with incredible ease. He's even hosted Saturday Night Live and has been very successful at it.

  • Would the series have lasted longer? Or would have it been cut shorter? - With Willis' busy movie schedule, would he have time for a television series? Would the series have been cut shorter than 5 seasons? Or would it have been extended longer, possibly made into a movie?

  • Would Willis having the starring role, would that have attracted more high profile celebrities to the series? - If Bruce Willis was Walter White, would some of his big name Hollywood friends be invited to audition for some of the other roles? Would you like to see another actor play Jesse Pinkman? Or do you think the the original cast did such a good job that you can't imagine anyone else taking their place? 

Would you want to see Bruce Willis in a Breaking Bad movie?

Did you know Bruce Willis' real name is Walter? Yup, his middle name is Bruce. Did you know Bruce Willis and Bryan Cranston (Walter White) were both born in the month of March? Not only that, they're only a year apart in age. So before you say Bruce Willis is way too old to play Walter White in Breaking Bad, think again. 

So what do you think of the idea of Bruce Willis starring in the Breaking Bad series as Walter White? Does the thought excite you? Do you think he should be considered for the leading role if they make it into a movie? Or do you think Bruce Willis would be terrible as Mr. White and they would ruin it if they cast him for a movie? What do you think?


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