Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Eminem is no stranger to being a character in his videos, but could he play one on TV?

If you've ever seen Eminem in interviews, you know he can carry a stone face paired with a very dry sense of humor. His music videos on the other hand, can push the limits of silly. From eating a hoagie on the toilet as Elvis to being disguised as Michael Jackson with his hair on fire, Eminem is no stranger to comedy. It's no wonder he's been involved in multiple comedy skits on SNL, MTV and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Even one of his most popular albums "The Eminem Show" can seem like an audio extraction from a brand of rich visual entertainment.

So what if Eminem had his own reality television show? Would people tune in? Considering he's the fastest selling non-black rap artist, you'd think there would be room for some kind of audience. The truth is people love him just as much as they love Miley Cyrus. So television ratings wouldn't be an issue at all. But would he be able to hang in front of the camera that long? Even his label mate Skylar Grey tells us he's a recluse. So what would a series by eminem look like? We've compiled some videos, take a look below. 

MTV's high school skit and Jimmy Kimmel's "Briefcase Joe" skit went viral a couple years back. Eminem has appeared on SNL as well with a couple skits here and there but he wasn't too involved. Is it possible Eminem hates doing them? Maybe he's seen his silly side a little too much and it's not good for the rap image anymore? Since Eminem has been recovering from substance abuse his silly music videos have come to a grinding stop, but with so many fans who were drawn to him by his parodies, he's created these comedy skits in their place. 

So what do you think? Is it a good idea? Bad idea? If a show was created would it be better as a reality television show or a sitcom? Who would host it? MTV? BET? Maybe HBO or FX? With Eminem's name translating to dollar signs, it's safe to say any network would take him. Would it be better if he was mixed in a show with real actors? How about comedians? Dave Chappell? How about a Seth Rogan movie? Who would you like to see Eminem interact with on television? Maybe he should be in movies. With so many rappers in film these days it makes you wonder why he's held back.