Friday, December 13, 2013


What if Heath Ledger was in Sons of Anarchy? 

In our recent article "What Do You Think Of: Charlie Hunnam?" we mentioned his resemblance to the late actor, but we were curious to if that's where the similarities end. So we got creative and did some thinking on what things would be like if he had Hunnam's role on SOA. There is no question both are talented actors, but Ledger had a different approach to acting. When it comes to playing the villain, Ledger was no stranger to it and before his death - deeply embraced it.

In memory of the late actor we decided to place him into the role of "Jax" on Sons of Anarchy and see what things might be different. Do you think things would be the same? Maybe better? Does the thought excite you? We also took a look at the two in contrast to each other. What we found was so interesting it was worth mentioning to our readers.

Would SOA be more popular if Ledger was playing it's leading role?

What would be the chemistry between Jax and Tara? Would Maggie Siff and Health Ledger have the kind of chemistry Hunnam and her have? Would things be more intense? Or more boring? What would have made things different between them?

What it be like for Heath Ledger playing the president of a biker club? Ledger is used to playing the whimsical, romantic, renaissance era roles. How would his sex appeal and his dark side surface in the role of Jax? Would he have made the character more interesting? 

What would it look like if Heath Ledger was walking around with guns? If he was running around like Charlie Hunnam is with guns in his hands, would it look silly? Well, not exactly. Ledger was no stranger to guns as he's had multiple photo shoots with firearms and has had his share of gun-toting roles throughout his filmography. If you want to get a better picture of what we're talking about, see Dark Knight, Monster's Ball and Ned Kelly 

What are the similarities between Charlie Hunnam and Heath Ledger? 

Besides looking a lot like each other, Hunnam and Ledger have much more in common. Did you know they were both born in the first 10 days of April and are only a year apart in age? Did you also know they are both 6'1 in height? They also both played gay men in previous acting roles in their careers. So what do you think? Would it have been interesting to see? Who do you think is the better actor? 

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