Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Would Johnny Depp have played a better Grinch? Or did Jim Carrey play it best?

Johnny Depp has been known for his impressive range when it comes to playing some pretty dynamic characters, but how would he fare in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"? Another question that might come from setting off this mind-blowing thought is - "Who's better, Johnny Depp or Jim Carrey?". Is there even a real answer to that? How do you compare actors? 

The only way you really could answer "who's better?" is by having them both play the same role. So would Johnny Depp have made a great Grinch? History tells us he can definitely pull it off, but would it have been as good as Jim Carrey did it? Jim Carrey does have one thing Johnny Depp doesn't have much of, and that's enthusiasm. Johnny Depp seems a little tip toed in his performances, while Carrey is all over the place. Would Johnny Depp have made the Grinch great? Absolutely, but would he have been as convincing as Jim Carrey was? Maybe not. 

Would Johnny have been as "Scary" as Carrey? - When it comes to pumping fear into the hearts of an audience, Johnny isn't as good as Carrey. With Jim Carrey playing some really aggressive characters in his career and Johnny playing the more passive roles, it's apparent Johnny would have made the grinch softer. 

With Depp as The Grinch, would the film have made more money? - If he was good in it or not, the movie would have still made a tremendous amount of money, but would it sell more? The budget for the film was $123 million and made $345 million with Jim Carrey. Would an appearance by Johnny bring more people to the theatres?

What would the Ron Howard have done differently without Carrey? - With Johnny Depp as the Grinch, what else have been different? Would the movie have taken a more whimsical turn that would have turned off the book readers? Or would everyone involved have amplified their involvement since such a bigger star was involved? 

Would Johnny Depp fit the Grinch role? Would it have been a horrible choice for him if he did? How would Johnny Depp look if he played the Grinch? Would the makeup be different? Do you think Johnny Depp is a better actor than Jim Carrey? Or do you think Jim Carrey can't be touched when it comes to acting? Who's better?