Tuesday, December 17, 2013


What search engine do you use and why?

Besides being set to a homepage, search engines are typically the first thing someone looks for when going online. There are quite a few options these days, but which one is the best? Is there a best? Is there a such thing when it comes to a search engine? What category would a search engine have to rank 1st in to be considered the best? 

Do all search engines display the same results? No they don't. So in fact that does leave room for the argument of "what's better?". Does the search engine sites connected email accounts prove better than those that don't? Lycos, AOL, Duck Duck Go, MSN, Ask, Yahoo, Google and Bing all have huge followings, but which one reigns supreme?  

Recently Google has dominated the entire internet, not only with it's search engines, but it's booming baby YouTube. Make no mistake about it, Google is in control right now and it seems nobody can stop it. Does that bother you? It shouldn't unless your in direct competition with them. Considering the other search engine options out there, what makes google so different? 

"Google it!" has become a common phrase heard around the world. You never hear someone say "Yahoo it!" or "MSN it!". Why is that? Nobody really knows, it's just something that happened. The reason? Because there wasn't an argument strong enough to counter the statement. Now? The possibility for a big enough competitor is there but it's unlikely they will attack the giant anytime soon. 

With Google's foot on the internet's neck, there is still hope for other search engines as people have found Google more and more intrusive. Typing something in Google and having your city pop up in the results can be a strange experience. Let's face it, people like their privacy. So why is privacy still an issue with many of the popular sites online including these search engines? Sure Google, Facebook and sites alike have all voiced concern for privacy but for every step forward they take two back with startout settings that share information without consent. 

Google isn't the only search engine that is causing privacy issues as some of the other search engines are now catching on to some key features. Auto-complete can also be a huge turn off for some, as again privacy is the issue. You may not be the only one who uses the computer in your household, and turning it off only last as long as you keep your history cache.

So is there a difference between these search engines? You betcha, but are the differences worth mentioning? Not really. The question of what's the best is simply a matter of preference. If you have hotmail, you might use MSN search more. If you have Yahoo mail, you may learn towards the Yahoo search bar. Gmail, of course Google is the first thing you see. 

This is not always the case, but it does help sway users if you have an account with them. Sure the search engines are different as far as how they calculate results, but it's not that big of a difference. If you type in a celebrity name in any of these bars, we bet Wikipedia will be on the first page. So what's your search engine? Do you think one is better than the other? Do you enjoy seeing the news on MSN and Yahoo next to your search bar? Or does Google's blank search platform give you a clearer thinking of what you're searching for? Tell us why!