Friday, December 20, 2013


As the artist with the fastest selling album on Itunes, Beyonce has now reached icon status.
When it comes to female R&B artist, none come close to the stardom Beyonce Knowles has boldly snatched from Hollywood. She has broken free from being a "child of destiny" and exploded into a strong, beautiful, independent woman. Beyonce has become much more over the years than just another music artist, she has become a source of strength for women all over the world.

But even in her most empowering performances and interviews, she has admitted it wouldn't be possible without the men in her life. This has given Beyonce attention from men that a typical woman of beauty digs for but never finds. That attention is a call for respect. We take a quick look at Beyonce now in this weeks "Friday Celebrity Spotlight".

Is Beyonce one of the greatest to ever do it? What do you think?

From humble beginnings to now reigning as the queen of R&B, there isn't much Beyonce hasn't done in between. With this weeks digital sales of her new album breaking incredible records, Beyonce hasn't come out shocked from the sales. Yes Beyonce is a woman who knows her worth, but where did she learn the most out of life? 

Maybe when her father took the role as manager for Destiny's Child? Or was it when she met her husband, rapper Jay-Z? Beyonce has definitely changed over the years. Just when you think she's matured into a conservative young woman, she takes us for a shock ride with her dramatic looks, and edgy videos. Do you think Beyonce and Rihanna try to out-do one another in their videos? Sometimes it seems that way. They do have some similarities in style. 

Is Beyonce one of the greatest to ever do it? What do you think?

With Beyonce recently breaking the Itunes record for fastest selling album, what do you think is next for Mrs. Knowles-Carter? Her videos are the most artistic they've ever been, her concerts have left fans talking for months after and her albums have been more consistent than any other R&B artist of this generation period. 

With the facts out of the way, what is your opinion of this solidified icon? Do you think she could be better? Are you critical of her current success? Or do you think she deserves everything she has worked for up to this point, including legendary status in music history? What about her personal life? Do you think Jay-Z and her make a great couple? Rumors of trouble in their relationship has surfaced only to be shushed by the couple themselves who seem stronger than ever. Did you purchase her new album? Let us know how it is! 

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