Thursday, December 12, 2013


What's in store for the Sons of Anarchy star in season 7? 

After the dramatic turn of events that took place at the end of season 6, what's going to happen next season? The internet is buzzing lately about it and frankly the speculation is contagious. With the stakes higher than ever, will "Jax" survive this madness? Does the writer have a horrible ending for him? It sure seems he has put him through enough already, doesn't it? 

How do you think the seventh season should play out? How should it all unfold? Should they kill Jax off? Do you think they have that planned? Would it ruin it for you? People feel very passionately about this series and would hate to see it turn out for the worst, but lately it sure seems it's heading that way. 

Were you excited when Charlie Hunnam was announced for 50 Shades Of Grey? Did you see all the people jump on the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon? Were you annoyed by it? Did you think he was too good for that kind of material? Believe it or not, there were just as many relieved as they were disappointed by him not going through with it. Sons of Anarchy did see an increase in viewers as fans of 50 Shades plunged into the series late. 

The closest you'll get to Hunnam as Christian Grey. 

If he did go through with the role as Christian Grey, do you think he would have played the part well? More than likely. He's an extremely talented actor, but he's never been in that kind of role before, has he? Actually one of his first roles was a gay man in the television series Queer As Folk that involved some pretty graphic scenes of sexual aggression. So how would've it played out if he went along with the role as Christian Grey? Why did he back out? What was the reason? Well it was just recently announced that Jamie Dornan will go full nude as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades film. Maybe that was the reason Hunnam changed his mind about the role? What do you think?  

Is it just us, or does Charlie Hunnam look like Heath Ledger?
If you haven't seen Cold Mountain with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, then you're really missing out. Charlie plays a bloodthirsty albino villain and gives an exceptional performance. If you've never seen the movie, you're guaranteed to hate him. He plays the villain so well it's down right scary. Speaking of actors who are great at playing the villain - Do you think Charlie Hunnam looks like Heath Ledger? Apparently we're not the only ones. 

Charlie Hunnam bangs in Cold Mountain
Since his teasing 50 Shades hype seems to be dying and Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy has ended, what's next for Charlie? Do you want to see him in more movies or more television? Do you think he's a rising star? Or do you think he's at his prime now and he wont go any higher than his current status? What direction do you think the Sons of Anarchy writers will take him next season? What are your feelings on the recent season 6 finale everyone is talking about? Did you see it coming or were you shocked? Or are you STILL shocked like us?