Friday, December 6, 2013


Many have a pretty solid idea of who Kanye West is, but do they have a solid perception of him?

From humble beginnings to now telling us he is a god, Kanye West has grown as a person, a music artist and now a fashion mogul. How people truly have received him however, is a mix of negative and positive. At times it seems more negative, but it sure does seem he feeds off it. Undoubtedly one of the most influential artist of our generation - he speaks his mind freely, thinks highly of himself and you will never hear him say someone else is better. 

 But time has passed since his public embarrassment of Taylor Swift and he's a different person now, right? He's a father now, he seems to be in love and even in interviews he talks much calmer almost without any bass in his voice whatever. The old Kanye West is long gone and he's much more in control of his emotions, right? 

Well, a couple months back Kanye some choice words for Jimmy Kimmel in a Twitter rant. Apparently Kimmel had a skit broadcast on his show which mocked Kanye's BBC interview with children reenacting the transcript. Seemed like harmless comedy but Kanye was extremely offended. 

Kimmel and West eventually made up when Kimmel publically apologized and invited Kanye to come back on the show. When he arrived he spoke on the importance of that interview and how he felt the skit was disrespectful. Do you think Kanye over-reacted? Is Kanye West someone you just can't joke with? Is he really that serious?

 This past week Kanye had yet another outrageous outburst that has stirred up some online conversation. Kanye was on the legendary hip hop radio show "Sway in the morning" when Sway asked Kanye why he doesn't empower himself and rise above these things. This set Kanye off completely as he turned the conversation on Sway by comparing his accomplishments to his own. The video is below, the incident takes place around the 17 minute mark.  

 What do you think? Is Kanye out of control? Is he out of line? Is he an ego-maniac? or is it the public who is over-reacting to what he is calling just an honest moment? Did Sway deserve to be disrespected like that on his own show? Or was it not disrespect? Is Kanye West as great as he says? Or is he over-rated before people can even rate him?