Monday, December 9, 2013


Miley Cyrus is all grown up now, or is she?

Can someone be a fan of both Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus? Is that a fair enough question? Was it a troubled transformation or common evolution of a girl to a young woman? Did she lose any fans along the way? Who's to really say for sure? All we know is she is not the same person. Some people say the change was shocking and sudden, but who really knows what changes she was going through in her personal life? It could have easily been small changes over a long period of time, right?

Some speculate she might be doing this all for attention, others believe she's a very troubled young woman. Another popular belief which is being used in her defense, is that she is "all grown up" now. But is this really how grown people act? What's "grown up" if not mature? Can we all agree, at 21 years old there's still a lot of growing up to do? So is her behavior really that shocking? We took a closer look. -

Are people being too hard on Miley?

If there's anything Miley Cyrus has taught us, it's that girls just wanna have fun. Miley is the first to admit she is a party animal but that doesn't really seem to be the focus of the negative attention. Some of her most controversial moments have displayed a lack of inhibition. What is the real reason people find Miley Cyrus so shocking?

Is it that she is destroying her innocent image right before our eyes that has people talking? Maybe. When people build images of themselves and then destroy that image, it is shocking. There is no doubt her actions can be shocking, but are they really that bad? Through all of these changes she has remained within her Christian faith. So does that mean all of this is for show? Is this behavior strictly for reaction? Does she just want people talking?

She's licked a penis-shaped cake, she's smoked pot on stage, she's buried her face in a dancers rear end, made a twerking video, gave a lap dance to Robin Thicke and a Teddy Bear, gave a couple Tupac-esque middle finger poses, Threatened her father on Twitter and posed nude in a video just to name a few. Even so, we still haven't seen an interview where she seems as self-absorbed as Kanye West in his interviewsSo what's next? 

Sure she's had some controversial moments, but what pop star hasn't? Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga have all been looked at with the same judgemental scrutiny that Miley is under right now. So what's so different? Is it the pretty image that she once had that is now gone? Is she going to remain this shocking in the years to come? Or is her shock value stamped with an expiration date that she is on a collision course with? What do you think?

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