Saturday, December 14, 2013


Is Russell Brand underappreciated or his talent simply overrated?

If you don't know who Russell Brand is, Does Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Rock of Ages, and Despicable Me 1 and 2 ring a bell? The comedian turned actor made a u-turn back to comedy for his "Messiah Complex" tour in which Brand used political icons as his focus and inspiration for humor. The overall reaction to his career has been mixed over the years, but why do some people find him so irritating?   

Is it his british accent that bends the ears of Americans? Possibly. Or is it his obnoxious confidence that can overpower some of the best interviewers? How can someone so intelligent, good looking and successful still be "annoying" to some? We took a quick look at Russell Brand the actor, the comedian and Katie Perry's ex husband. 

What most people don't understand is Russell Brand is "intelligent conversation" all day long. He gives the most entertaining interviews and that may be the reason why he's so popular today. His opinions are solid and his pronunciation of them can be incredibly sharp to the sensitive ear. Brand has become a "Brand" if you will over in the UK that has spilled onto American soil. In an interview with MSNBC's Morning Joe cast, Brand seemed like he's the most human out of the bunch. See the video below for yourself.  

This is a perfect example of being "misunderstood". The cast of Morning Joe seemed a little rude as Brand pointed out over and over. Do you think they were out of line? Do you think Brand did a good job handling the situation? Or do you feel he deserved worse? Did you feel he was annoying?  Regardless of your feelings, the fact that Brand confidently maintained composure throughout this triple team is applausable.

Russell Brand sent Katy Perry a text message informing her of his motion for divorce.

Russell Brand may be hated most by Katy Perry fans since the news of their divorce in late 2011. Perry told a Vougue magazine Brand told her through a text message and they haven't spoken since. Perry also added Brand was bashing her at his comedy events not knowing she was in the audience to surprise him. 

A year later Brand had a stand up show in Borgata when a heckler continuously shouted "Katy Perry" throughout the show. Brand asked the producers to turn up the lights and picked through the audience until he found the heckler. What happened next left everyone with their own hand over their mouth. 

So what do you think of Russell Brand altogether? Do you like his comedy? Do you like his acting? Do you think he's over-the-top? Do you think he overdoes it and it's all an act? Or do you believe he really might be this down to earth intelligent guy who is getting smashed by the media? Katy Perry said he was an intelligent and funny person, he just couldn't "turn it off"