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Don't under-estimate these common places of filth. 

Most people think doorknobs, toilet handles, benches and railings are good reasons to use hand sanitizers, but there are many other hidden sources of germs out there. 

Everyone's pretty aware that their cell phone is the most disgusting thing on the planet so we won't mention that. Who really cleans their cell phone though? Breathing on it and rubbing it doesn't count. 

The majority of people will wash their hands in a store's restroom, grab a paper towel and open the door. What they don't think of is the items on the shelves they're grabbing that other people have touched, then rubbing their nose.  

It's now a known fact the main highway for germs from the outside to inside of you is through your nose. Still people touch dirty things all the time and rub their nose either as a habit or just a sudden gesture. 

Oddly enough, sometimes having something like soap or another substance on your hands can trigger a facial itch.

We found 12 places (In no particular order) that people don't feel they should protect themselves from when it comes to germs. Let us know if you can think of any. 

12. Basketball
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Who throws germ-x on their hands everytime they touch the ball? Ok, nobody; but how many people rub their nose after touching the filthy ball? Bouncing on the dirty ground countless times, into the hands of other peoples dirty hands and then back to yours. Let's not forget about Footballs, Soccer balls and Tennis balls either. 

11. Store Items
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Not just the grocery store either, think about all the clothes people try on and then leave on the racks? There are many items in heavy circulation that we don't pay attention to, yet we are still paranoid about getting sick?

10. Toilet Paper Rolls
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The last thing you want to touch is the toilet paper before rubbing your nose. When someone's doing their business there's no telling what part of the roll their grabbing. Especially if the roll is sitting freely on the lid of the tank. How many people spin a roll off one of their fingers while taking care of business? 

9. Restaurant / Fast Food Condiments
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And you touch these before you eat? Hopefully the food you're eating doesn't require hands!

8. Shopping Carts
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As obvious as it seems, most people don't think about it at all. Mrs. Smith's baby was just chewing where your right hand is. How cute is that? The bum down the street just pushed his laundry in it last night. Sweet!

7. Keys
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You go to the restroom, wash your hands, reach in your pocket on the way out and grab those squeaky clean keys. Yeah right, those keys have been dropped, touched and laid on the most dirtiest surfaces so many times they're breeding a whole civilization of reasons to say you're not feeling so well.

6. Fridge
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Depending on who you live with, the fridge can carry all kinds of germs. What makes things worse is most people eat right out of it or directly after pulling something out. No hand sanitizer necessary. 

5. Car
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The sticky soda on the door handle, fries under the seat, and the weird dried up marks on the passenger window. Just then you remember, you're friend sneezed before you dropped him off. 

4. Pens
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Filling out applications, sign in sheets, leaving post it notes are all situations where you might touch someone else's pen. What you don't think about is the germs it may be carrying. 

3. Books, Magazines, Menus
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If money is filthy and everyone knows it, why not books? Imagine each page was a dollar bill. The fact is not everyone thumbs through the same pages. If you think sick people don't look at books, think again. 

2. Pets
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Pookie just got done doing his business outside, he comes back in and what does he do? Gets on your bed! Lovely! Curls up on your pillow when you lay your face every night. There you go rubbing him all over telling him how cute he is touching the same paw that just stepped on a dead bird. Pets are animals so people need to stop believing they are as clean as humans because they're not. 

1. Remote controllers / Gaming controllers
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Playing games, switching off with friends and someone's got a runny nose. Surfing channels at a friends house, and grubbing on pizza. Eating breakfast on the way to work and hitting the garage door remote. 

Trying to keep track of where germs are and the number of applications of antibacterials can be overwhelming, but some people still live that life. Are people too obsessed with germs? Do you know someone who is? Are you OCD when it comes to germs? Share your story with us. 

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