Monday, January 6, 2014


15 lethal aromas people are most drawn to. Are you a moth to the flame? 

Some of the most dangerous things can be the most attractive. Not only does this rule apply to what crosses our path of vision, but also for the things we breathe in on a daily basis. Without a definitive answer on what causes cancer, fingers are often pointed in the direction of many of these well known agents of vapor. 

We recently posted an article on the 15 Popular Smells People Love Most, what we didn't mention was the dangerous answers we got. We got such a alarming response to our initial survey, that we split it into two findings. Welcome to the second part as we asked people to name a smell they love that might not be such a smart choice for their health.

15. Glass Cleaner
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Clearly glass cleaners are a favorite when it comes to hazardous smells. What we didn't know, was there is a large community who is getting high off of the stuff. Don't believe us? Google it.

14. Sawdust
A personal favorite of ours that really should have been higher on this list. The smell of sawdust is the reason you love your local Home Depot so much. 

13. Cigarettes
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Uh, what? Yes cigarettes was a popular answer in our survey. Shocking? Not as shocking as the fact that most of the people who gave that answer were non-smokers. 

12. Glue
Probably one of the most well known huffing agents on the streets and in classrooms all over the world. Yes the cheap answer to getting high is a favorite hazardous smell to more people than you think.

11. Burning Wood
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With more and more of the newer homes being built with electric ones, traditional fireplaces are becoming a thing of the past. That doesn't mean people don't love the smell of a good campfire or a fireplace, it just means they don't want to get their hands dirty. 

10. Bleach
Being clean is an obsession for some, and cleaning with bleach has become necessary. Whether its a kitchen, bathroom or fresh laundry, the smell of bleach has become a strong indicator of overall cleanliness.

9. Rubber
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Brand new shoes, tires, basketballs, rubber bands and balloons are just some of the things people think of when rubber comes to mind. 

8. Cow Manure
Gross? To city slickers like us, maybe so. However, people who grew up on or near a farm can tell you it's the sweet smell of victory.  

7. Ether
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Starter fluid is in almost every garage and on every shelf in your local auto parts store. If you've been around someone working on a car, chances are you know it well. 

6. Paint
Another dangerous choice for huffing is paint. The smell gives some people headaches, and others the sense of excitement. Most people associate the smell with something brand new.  

5. Nail Polish
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Nail polish and it's remover are two smells women into beauty products are exposed to most. To some its a good smell, but to all it's a dangerous one.  

4. Chlorine 
The majority know the smell, but can't properly identify it. The smell of Las Vegas, Disneyland rides, and other landmarks with large bodies of water. 

3. Lighter Fluid
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Who doesn't love a good BBQ? The smell of lighter fluid can bring those sweet summer memories back to you in a flash. Just be careful how much you're squeezing in. 

2. Gasoline
As one of the most recognizable scents to every nose on the planet, gasoline ranks at number 2 in our survey. Are you one of the people who love it? 

1. Matches
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When a smell is so strong it can cover up a mess in the bathroom no matter how big, it deserves some kind of attention. Being the leading answer in our survey, striking a match burns number 1 as the most popular hazardous smell people love the most.

What's your favorite smell that might not be good for your health? Did you agree with any of these on the list? Do you have one that you believe is a better choice? Let us know what you think.

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