Friday, January 17, 2014


Get the boost you need to change your life NOW!

People often lose hope too quickly before the results have a chance to show. What most don't realize is constant change is the only way to find the right combination to getting the result you want. Think of it as trying to open a safe and you keep using the same numbers. Once that works however, the same combination wont click for the next challenge.  

Sometimes words aren't enough to motivate. Sometimes it takes someone to light a fire under your butt to get you to move. 

Most successful people will agree that it was the pain they felt that made them want to change. They were belittled, shamed, teased and ridiculed in such a way that it gave them the motivation to prove they are better than that. As horrible as it sounds, sometimes being bullied can be the best thing for you. 

We found 15 of the most motivational videos ever and brought them to you in one place. These videos are so inspirational they have the ability to change your way of thinking forever. 

It doesn't matter what your dilemma is, these videos address the willpower, inner strength, self discipline and the simple want to change necessary for success. 

"Breathe" - Eric Thomas

"Find Your Greatness" - Nike

"Explore Your Web" - Tony Robbins

"Instructions for a Bad Day" - Shane Koyczan

Cancer To BodyBuilder - Zach Zeiler

You've Got To Live It - Manitee

"Never, Ever Give Up" - DDP

"Life = Risk" - Bluefish

"Focus" - Anthony Robbins

"Pain and Gain" - Mark Walberg

"Failure" - Michael Jordan

"The Great Dictator" - Charlie Chaplin

"How Winning Is Done" - Rocky

"The Man Who Never Gave Up" -  Jon Calvo

"Dream" - Compilation

Hopefully you received some sort of push to either get your started or help you keep going.

 Share your story of inspiration - Did you beat cancer? Did you transform your body? Where you ever homeless and now you're very successful?