Sunday, January 5, 2014


What smell is most pleasant to you? 15 answers we heard most.

Candles, sprays, plug-ins, scented wax cubes, oil sticks and incense are all common household items. Scents are important to us and make our daily living more pleasant. Some smells are more popular than others and there is obviously a reason for that. We left a poll on Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond and various home decor web forums with the question "What is your favorite smell?" Some answers were silly but not as common as the expected ones. We also took another survey from this survey that we will be posting tomorrow. 

15. Money
tumblr: giphy
As filthy as it is, the smell of money is something people associate with success. So it's no wonder it made the list of most loved smells. 

14. Cinnamon
Cinnabon locations all over the country rarely see slow business. The smell of cinnamon has become a guilty path of pleasure for some.

13. Leather
tumblr: alyce-in-bloom
People associate the smell of leather with being new or fresh. Retail stores are known for their leathery smells. With shopping being one of America's favorite pastimes, it's no surprise why it was mentioned so much. 

12. Baby Lotion
Having a baby is like having a new car,  you want to wash and wax it everyday. Baby lotion has become one of the most recognizable smells and is strongly associated with cleanliness.

11. Fresh Cut Grass
tumblr: deanmarston
Fresh cut grass is a smell you can never forget. Depending on the weather, this smell can be the main ingredient in your "Fresh air".

10. Oranges
One of the main smells in a grocery store, the orange has become the trademark smell for most cleaning products next to lemons.

9. Fresh Laundry
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The laundry industry is full of smells from soaps, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Is this your favorite smell? 

8. Chocolate
The malls are now officially filled with not only the smell of leather, but Chocolate. Not just for the holidays, this treat is a year-round one.  

7. Pine
tumblr: ionlydatealiens
When you think of pine you think of pine trees during the Christmas season, but this tree's scent is in most household cleaners. 

6. Peppermint
Candy, Coffee or Tea? Which one do you find this plant in most? Mint gums still hold higher sales than their fruity competitors.

5. Flowers
tumblr: dark-vintage-dreams
Flowers are a universal sign of pleasant scents. Most people link it to a wedding, an anniversary or a date; however, some associate this smell with funerals and graveyards.

4. Vanilla
Vanilla has become a very popular scent in candles, air fresheners and body sprays over the past decade. The scent has now apparently overtaken chocolate as a more popular choice.

3. Coffee
tumblr: livingdead-girlx
People go crazy without their coffee. It has become a necessity for morning activities and daily productivity. The smell is an invigorating one that can be the light at the end of the tunnel for some people.  

2. The Ocean
The second most popular answer was the salty ocean on a hot summer day. Ironically, we found this answer to be more popular with people who lived further from it. 

1. Rain
tumblr: bowtie-s
Being mentioned twice as many times as are number 2 answer, it's clear the rain is the winner. With the ability to bring out some of the most pleasant smells from nature, this choice is a strong one. 

Did your favorite smell end up on the list? Maybe your favorite smell isn't a pleasant one to others. Don't worry, we have a part two to this survey we will be posting this week. 

Title image courtesy of denniswong