Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Are you dating a real life Barbie

Gold Diggers have been around forever, but it seems these days they're coming out of the shadows a little more proudly. There's nothing wrong with thinking of yourself in high value, but there might be something wrong with lowering everyone else's value along with it. Some of the most perfect examples of a Gold Digger has been displayed on shows such as The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Housewives of  (Said Location), etc.  

We asked this question to couples everywhere "What do you think are the clear signs of a Gold Digger?". The answers we got weren't all the same, in fact it was hard to put together a list. So we made suggestions to certain answers and generalized what they were trying to say. The list we finally came up with was not only entertaining but educational. It's always good to remember that not all people who possess these qualities are Gold Diggers; but keep in mind, the more often you see the behavior the more clear it becomes they might be a Gold Digger.  

15. They seem too interested in what you do for a living.
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14. They NEVER offer to pay.

13. Their favorite shows are the bachelor, real house wives of, lifestyles of the rich and famous, etc.
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12. They're extremely picky with where they eat.
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11. They prefer partners who are older than them.
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10. They are brand whores.
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9. They use sex as a weapon.
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8. They get irritated easily.

7. They have a problem spending.
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6. They make things worse than they really are.
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5. They cry to get what they want. 
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4. They complain about everything. 
3. Deep Conversation Bores them.
2. They always talk about their financial troubles.
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1.  They don't enjoy the simple things in life.
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So what do you think? Are all women gold diggers? Are there any men who are gold diggers? What percentage of women are gold diggers? What percentage of men are gold diggers? One thing is for sure, you're a sucker if you're dating one. 

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