Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Bieber feels the backlash from Americans.

It seems the question we asked a month ago has been answered, because the Justin Bieber Deportation Petition has reached it's goal. Over 101,000 American's signed the petition leaving room for the question of Justin Biebers popularity in this country. 

Is it fair? You'd have to really look at both sides of the argument. It's pretty easy to see why some parents are upset about his behavior.  JB is still trying to be a role model in his movies, videos and music. His teenie-bopper career hasn't caught up to his adult behavior. 

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Bieber hasn't tried to break free from the innocence. He continues to embrace it by mentioning god, telling his fans to "believe", and tearing up in interviews. His actions? Laying up in a house full of drugs, having his own personal "smoke room", and driving intoxicated with a model who tried to sell him out?

To be fair it sounds like he's surrounded with the wrong crowd of people. Is deportation too extreme? Uh, just a little. Can Bieber change his ways and crawl back to the good graces of his fans? 


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