Monday, January 20, 2014


Do you posses enough self-discipline to give up food for 24 hours? 

Have you ever went 24 hours without food? Was it by accident? Were you forced? Did you forget to eat? Whatever the reason may be, it's something people don't think about. 

Food can be as addictive as drugs, just ask some people who are seriously overweight. It's not a joke and it's a real problem here in America. 

Food is a necessity for survival there is no doubt about that, but are 3 meals a day really necessary? Some people are even eating 5 or more meals a day claiming it raises there metabolism. 

It might be, but consider the straining overtime you're putting on your digestive system. Some doctors have said speeding up your metabolism may burn out your digestion processing in the long run. 

Sounds silly? Well let's not be so hasty. Ever heard of the 5-2 diet? Oh yes it's the real thing, eating 5 days a week and alternating 2 fasting days within that week. Research has shown fasting damages cancer cells. Don't believe it?

Pretty interesting? How about it lowering blood pressure?
Yes obesity is a problem in this country for sure, but why? The answer is simple, it's a lack of self-discipline

Can you build the self-discipline necessary to reach your goals?

Success depends on how much self-discipline you have or how much you're willing to build. Think about it, it goes for everything from money to health to relationships. Self-discipline is the firm hand on your shoulder telling you "no". 

Self-discipline can be taught from one to another, but can only be applied by the individual. This isn't friend-discipline, no it's not boyfriend or girlfriend-discipline, this is SELF-DISCIPLINE. 

So how does one start? Go one day without eating, just 24 hours. Can you do it? If you can we promise you'll feel an overwhelming sensation of power.

Do we recommend the 5-2 diet? Not really. We just know fasting can be a very reflective experience even if only for one day. You'll realize that if you can go one day without eating, you can go one day without spending money, or eating sweets. 

Just one day, you don't need to starve yourself for a week. We're not trying to kill you here. 

You can do this! So are you up for the challenge? You CAN drink water, it has no effect on building your self discipline. It's the food that you'll miss the most. Are you a foodie? Can you give up your drug? Or are you so out of control over your eating habits you'll never posses the self discipline necessary to take control over your own actions? 

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