Sunday, January 26, 2014


Getting creeped out? Then don't read this. 

Have you ever killed a spider? Was it with a shoe? A stick? Did you throw the object on the ground and run away shaking your entire body? Well, you're not alone. 

Did you know arachnophobia is carried by more women than men? Even so, some men and women can smash a spider with their bare hands and not get creeped out. 

So what is it about spiders that are so scary? Why do they make your skin crawl? 

Maybe it's the fact that some are deadly and can actually kill you. How about this video of a woman holding a mother wolf spider and petting the babies that are clinging onto her? 

Disgusting, right? Maybe because spiders aren't really pets. Something about it seems so unnatural. 

It might be the amount of legs that a spider has that scares you. The more legs the worse it gets right? Well chances are if a spider had two legs and went running by you'd still freak out. 

One of the most creepiest parts in the movie The Hobbit was the spider war. You could see the people in the movie theater holding their necks when the dwarfs were being wrapped up in web.  

If you haven't played the game Limbo, don't ever consider it if you're afraid of spiders. 

Did you know most people who are scared of spiders are scared of crabs? It's true. Maybe because they are considered to be the spiders of the ocean. There's even crabs named "Spider Crab's".

If you seen a crab running under some laundry in your room how would you react? Most likely you'd want to kill it. The irony is you might even love to eat crab, you might even be a Cancer, yet you're still scared to death of spiders. 

You know the show Myth Busters? Well last month Adam Savage shared his nerd cave with YouTube channel "Tested". One thing he shared really stood out from the rest of his gadgets, a mechanical spider. 


So did you have a bad spider experience when you were younger? Maybe you're not the one who's scared. Did you scare someone with a fake spider? Share your spider story with us and let us know why they're so creepy to you.