Thursday, January 2, 2014


Is peer pressure creeping up on you in silence?

It's hard to think of family members, close friends or even lovers as possible sources of peer pressure. The fact is, peer pressure can take forms that even under the most sober of eyes can go unnoticed. Some of you might know what we're talking about if your decision to go sober was ever probed by a loved one. Peer pressure usually comes packaged with the reasons for alcohol consumption, when in reality non of them can scale the walls of logic. So what's the big deal about drinking? Why do it? Why is there pressure to drink at parties? Why can't we just be sober and have a good time?

We don't NEED to drink, but we may want to. So why pressure someone else into having a drink? Seriously, what's the point? Because you don't want to drink alone? Because you feel if you drink and they don't they will be more sharper than you? Are you afraid of the other person losing respect for you in your slurred haze? Then don't drink. When you drink you're loosening up and the walls of inhibition start cracking. Sometimes we drink to forget, sometimes we drink because we need to make things more exciting. Then we have the social reasons why we drink - the need to be cool, the need to fit in and the desire to please others mainly. 

Is drinking a sign of weakness? Or is staying sober a sign of strength?

The subject can be somewhat taboo and awkward when discussed in negative fashion. Feelings are so mixed on the topic you are bound to anger someone taking any stance on the matter. So do we need to drink to have a good time? Is it possible to party hard and have fun without alcohol? Do people really need to get so wasted they don't remember what happened? Capturing memories is a billion dollar business, but alcohol has proven losing them is valued just as high. 

So what's your take? Did you see alcohol affect your holidays in a negative way? Maybe one of your parents embarrassed you? Maybe someone said something they shouldn't have because they were drunk? How about drunk driving? Do you hold a DUI on your record? Has your life been directly impacted by the results of drunk driving? Do you know someone who was killed by a drunk driver? Have you ever pressured someone into drinking now that you think about it? Do you need alcohol to enjoy yourself? Or can you truly live without it?