Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Life never tasted so good.

Inspiration is like rain for most people - It comes in sprinkles, drops, and sheets. However unlike rain, when it comes is something you can't predict. When it does come, it can be in little sprinkles or it can be an overwhelming flood.

You can't make your own rain, right? Wrong. Everyone who has an internet connection has a garden hose for inspiration. 

Isn't it time to take things into your own hands? Why wait for inspiration to come when you can actively seek it out? The world wide web is soaked with information, entertainment and art in all forms. With the entire world at your fingertips, what's your excuse for not being inspired?

We recently came across spray paint art on YouTube and it is seriously something you need to check out. Artist are making pieces right in front of public eyes on the streets. Thanks to today's technology, cameras have been capturing these amazing moments.


Pretty incredible work. It takes someone with ridiculous talent to make something like this, right? Well, maybe if you put in as many hours of practice as he did you would be just as good? 

Here at JiPoshy, we are pigs. Yes we admit it! Doritos is a very serious topic around here. So when we found some flavors we didn't know existed we got a little upset. 


Rihanna Doritos -via flickr

Caramel Doritos - via flickr

Evangelion Doritos - via flickr

Blue Cheese Doritos - via flickr

Jalapeno Salsa Doritos - via flickr

Diablo Doritos - via flickr

Mr Dragon's Fire Chip Doritos - via flickr

Meryl Streep says Walt Disney was an anti-Semitic, bigot, racist. Why is this getting so much attention? The man is dead and has left more imagination and inspiration behind than most people experience in a lifetime. It's such a shame to hear something like this. 

Even if it's true, Disney won't feel any backlash what-so-ever. Can you imagine giving up Disney because of someones comments about the man who created it? The man is dead and is obviously not profiting off of it anymore, so why care?  

Public speaking is a real fear for some people, but where does it stem from? Is shyness hereditary? Was it childhood trauma that caused the condition? Maybe you opened your mouth when you were younger and someone laughed at the same time causing you to be quiet forever. 

To this day, no video has been as inspirational, motivating or powerful as TO THIS DAY by Shane Koyczan. If you never had a chance to see this video we strongly encourage you take the time to listen to it. Koyczan takes you through a beautiful journey and leaves you speechless with a powerful message.

To This Day from To This Day on Vimeo.