Friday, January 31, 2014


How do you expect to grow up strong and big like me? Huh? 

Do you remember when you were young the food you hated the most? Did your mom always make you eat it? Did you try to feed it to the dog? Did you let it fall on your lap and roll it in your napkin? 

Yeah you're not alone. Green beans and spinach were number 1 on our list. Apparently it wasn't number 1 on the dogs either, go figure.

Toronto Zoo just released the cutest video of a polar bear cub on YouTube. The cub was introduced to the snow for the first time on video.

His little mind must have just been blown. 

Do you enjoy fighting games? Do you remember the good old days of Street Fighter at the arcade? We had arcades in the back of a donut shop where we grew up. We would ride over every Saturday on our bikes just to eat donuts and play other kids. 

It was so much fun but times have changed. Fighting games just aren't the same. Things are a lot more complex and it takes an intense strategy to beat your opponent. 

More and more fighting games have been introduced to an "online mode" where you can play other people around the world. Take Soulcalibur V for instance, the game is probably the best fighting game out right now for the PS3 next to MVC3. 

OMG a Disney Villain fighting game? No. It's Soulcalibur V, but that is a pretty sweet idea. Disney needs to get on it!

What Soulcalibur V lacked in it's story mode, it made up in character creation. The create a soul mode is so much fun. Try it if you have a PS3 or Xbox360.

The "Missed Connections" ads in Craigslist allows people who may have exchanged eye-contact in public to connect again. Some of them are creepy, some of them are funny but these people are desperately serious. 

Jimmy Kimmel recently "enhanced" these ads with a live performance. 

Who knew bottled water would turn out to be a billion dollar business. Is it really serving it's purpose or are people really suckers? The truth is it really depends on where in the world you live. The majority of American's have access to clean water through their tap, but still choose bottled water. 

The late Andy Rooney had a segment about this on 60 minutes that was not only entertaining but very though provoking. 

Excuse the bad quality, we're going back quite a few years!