Monday, January 20, 2014


The damage for Bieber continues.

With his mansion being raided just last week, drugs discovered and Bieber being associated with all kinds of bad press, is this really hurting him? 

Does Justin have what it takes to bounce back? Since his music career never reached the status it was projected to be, is Bieber fever over the man himself?  Was "Baby" the only real reason we know Justin Bieber? A lot of people will say yes.

Some go as far to say that "Baby" wouldn't have been as big without Ludacris on it. So why isn't Justin on the same level musically as Beyonce or Lady Gaga? Is he known for instagram photos more than he is for his music? 

Recovering after being devastated over his latest movie sales, Bieber took to radio and threatened to retire multiple times in one week. Now, Biebers mansion was raided and drugs were found along with the discovery of Bieber's own "personal smoke room".

Is Justin Bieber on drugs? Or is he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Is Justin going down the wrong path? Does he have what it takes to remain relevant in the coming years? Whats the future hold for Bieber fans? 

Is this new discovery in his mansion going to harm the image of Selena Gomez? Is she being told to disconnect with Bieber for the sake of her career? Logic would say yes. 

The bigger question might be does Selena know about this "Smoke room"? Does she participate in these activities? Who cares right? It's their personal life.

But people do care. Some fans are broken-hearted to hear it and others don't mind much and will defend anything he does to the death. The question is what kind of fan are you? Do you think this is hurting him? Are you losing faith or are you a Bieleber

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