Monday, January 27, 2014


The most affectionate sign of the Zodiac comes out to play.

It's a huge misconception that Cancers are the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac. That title might be reserved for the Scorpio; and depending on what level of criticism you're dishing the Cancer isn't too far behind.

Cancers are known for being very hard and defensive when someone is trying to get to know them. They have a wall of defense up for a reason, it's because on the inside they are completely vulnerable.

This can be confused with being sensitive but it's not the same thing. There's a big difference between being sensitive and being emotional. 

A Cancer wears his or her heart on their sleeve but they're wearing full body armor. They have a defense system that can seem excessive to the normal person, but this is necessary to protect them to the heartbreak they are so susceptible to.  

Cancer can be the most clingy lovers but it's all justifiable. The Cancer pours everything they have into the person they love. They are the most selfless partners you can ask for, but this is all of course if you get past their wall. 

Other signs of the Zodiac may give up on a Cancer because they are denied access beyond this wall right away. Being patient with a Cancer is the keys to it's kingdom. 

Cancer typically finds heartbreak more than a dozen times in a lifetime romantically before finding someone patient enough to know their process. 

When a Cancer faces betrayal it can be the most devastating experience, often leaving them in emotional turmoil. The level of emotion a Cancer can feel is greater than other signs of the Zodiac and can be dangerous. Cancer needs to keep their emotions in check while recovering from tragedy. The last thing a Cancer wants to do is boil the water they're living in.

Cancers are some of the most creative people when turning their strong emotions into passion. Some famous Cancers are Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, Tom Hanks, 50 Cent, Will Ferrell, Vin Diesel, Kevin Hart, Khloe Kardashian and Vera Wang.

Do you know a Cancer? Can you testify to their strong emotions? Are you dating a Cancer? Are you related to a Cancer? Do you think they are mean? Are you a Cancer? Do you think it's true you are an emotional person? When you get upset do you take it harder than you should? 

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