Saturday, January 4, 2014


"Is to have had and lost, better than not having at all?" - Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter, Jigga, Jay-Z, Hov, Hova, The Dope Man, Iceberg Slim - Just some of the names this legendary Hip Hop mogul goes by. Over the past decade we've seen his rise through fame into the seat of Hip Hop's throne. So why is Jay-Z still not respected by 100% of these so called "Hip Hop fans"? We'll to be fair, neither was Biggie or Tupac. When evaluating the success of anyone, one always compares them to a more successful source. 

But in the category of Hip Hop artist, who is more successful than Jay-Z? With breaking records previously held by the Beatles and Elvis, can you really say he's not successful? The saying "You can't please everyone" may be true, but it rings truest for Jay-Z. His popularity has dropped recently mainly with the younger audience. With negative opinions floating around closely accompanied with a strong sense of immaturity, only prove this theory to be true. The validity of any argument can be dismissed quickly when one side resorts to name calling.  

From Catalyst to Capitalist.

What is someone measured by if not success? We all seem to measure everything by it until that measure is greater than our own. Then the focus seems to turn and bend to create leverage for our own arguments and opinions. So how many categories do you have to be the "best" in? What does it take to capture 100% of the positive? Is trying to please everyone the key to failure? Jay-Z seems to have captured over 50% of the Hip Hop community's approval. So is it safe to say that's the magic number?

We would go even further to say Jay-Z has cemented a top spot in over 80% of everyone's top ten rapper list. After all, who can you truly say there is a bigger household name when it comes to the Hip Hop genre? With 15 studio albums (12 of them peaking number 1) that all went platinum or better, is there a Hip Hop artist out there who's even close?  Add the fact he's been noted as one of the smartest business men of our generation by Forbes magazine. If an up and coming rapper were smart, he would definitely look at Jay-Z's career for an inspiring path indeed.

"In search of victory, she keeps eluding me." - Jay-Z - History

So why is there so much hate for him? Hip Hop sites are flamed with scorching comments towards the artist. Things in reference to his age, his looks, his street credibility, his marriage to Beyonce everything but his success. So is it fair? Is it jealousy from those who will never be that close? Is there a person out there who is as successful as Jay-Z and still carries a hatred for him? Maybe, but it would most likely be for other reasons. 

 Jay-Z himself has addressed these feelings for him even in his debut album before he was famous. Does being hated come with the territory of being successful? Maybe it's the Jay-Z fans who make people hate Jay-Z? Whatever the reason is, it's more than a solid statement to say he's the very best in his field.So what do you think? Is Jay-Z the greatest rapper of all time? Is Jay-Z overrated? Are you a Jay-Z fan? Do you think people aren't giving him the credit he deserves? Let us know what you think.