Thursday, January 23, 2014


The demo is here. So why should you download it? 

The Lighting Returns demo was finally released for PS3 and Xbox360. The internet is going a little crazy over it, mainly because of it's connection with the outside world. 

Players can upload their scores or screenshots of their experience throughout the 6 minute demo. You can freely run around and see other players screenshots and messages.

As short as it is, it gives the player plenty of time and enemies to get a real feel for the new battle system. Lightning can change outfits and abilities at the touch of a button.

The traditional ATB gauge is replaced by 3 to switch off from leaving the player in complete control. You have your choice of constantly attacking or to step back and rethink your strategy.

Some articles claim that both the PS3 and the Xbox360 demos have a DLC bonus costume for the full game when it comes out but we just couldn't figure out how to obtain it. 

If someone knows, drop us a comment. (Insert sad face here)

The boss in the demo, Zaltys, is some sort of Dragon creature who blows fire and whips his tail at you. He is susceptible to magic attacks and can be stunned with lightning bolts, blizzard and the entire Dragoon schema. 


Final Fantasy 13 carries it's love story foundation all the way to the dramatic end. The demo starts off where the full game almost does as you chase Snow through the Yusnaan city after a very emotional conversation. 

Have you played the demo yet? Do you know any secrets? How do you like the battle system? Let us know. 

gif - lindzeii