Saturday, January 25, 2014


Nerds rejoice!

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Technology is getting more and more advanced as time goes by, but it seems in our lifetime things are moving faster than usual. Is it because we place technology on a priority list? 

Is technology more important than world hunger? Guess it depends on what part of the world you live in and if it has a significant impact on you or not. 

Much like the expiration of federal unemployment benefits last month, some people could care less because they have a job. Feelings of invincibility and security can blind us. Who is really safe from a layoff? Nobody. If the issue doesn't relate to your personal life and how you live it, chances are you'll never care. 

So just how serious do we take important issues? Compared to entertainment, apparently not too serious. Take a look below.

It would have been much more acceptable if she interrupted her for breaking news on the new Oreo flavors.

News has spread around the gaming world of a super rare Nintendo cartridge being sold on Ebay. The game "World Championship Cart", has extremely rare versions of Mario and Tetris. 

The current bid is over $99,000 dollars! 

Lego's have been rising in popularity once more with the latest video games and films from the toy-maker. 

Recently, a YouTuber was caught stealing some Lego's and well, just watch the video below.   

That will teach you to steal.

If you've ever owned a Nintendo Gamecube, then you know it was one of the greatest consoles Nintendo has ever released. Did you also know it doubles as a robot? 

Well, not exactly. Joshua Vasquez uploaded a video of the worlds first ever Robo-Gamecube. He was inspired by using Hitec Servo Replacement Gears as a brushless motor transmission.

Four aluminum plates later, Joshua managed to build a compact frame housed within the GameCube console. Check out the video below. 

We hope everyone's enjoying their well deserved weekend.

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image - flickr/joyosity