Saturday, January 4, 2014


Worth the investment and technology? You decide.  

Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery's "No More Woof" has been making headlines since the holidays with the announcement of their new technology. "No More Woof" analyzes  ionic neuron flow from your dog's brain and translates them into words. Although it sounds silly, this project is a very serious one. Apparently there's a demand for further communication with animal's, more specifically the world of domesticated pets. With the technology still in it's early stages, there is much work left to do before this hits market. The video is below -

So is it a good idea or a bad idea? Is this kind of technology necessary or is it a waste of good money? Are pet lovers united on this one or are they divided? What are the benefits of knowing what your pet is thinking? Is we as a society placing our pets on too high of a pedestal? Knowing that an animal's intelligence is much more limited than our own, what kind of conversation could you hold with one? Amazing? Ridiculous? What do you personally think? Leave a comment below. 

Image source: bunnyfood