Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Orlando Bloom, Elisha Cuthbert, Ryan Reynolds - How could you go wrong? 

There is so much potential out there for a Zelda film to be made. Just take the infamous IGN trailer that was released as an April fools joke for example, people really believed it was official. The hoax didn't leave everyone laughing, it left people with the question "WHY NOT!?!?". Someone put all that work into a movie trailer and couldn't make it an official film? It just doesn't make sense. Sure Nintendo has to give the okay, have their hands in the profit, and maybe dabble in the direction of the project, but why not?


 What we didn't like about the trailer was the choice of actors - Link looks old, Zelda looks ugly and Ganondorf is a horrible actor. With that aside, the rest of it looks amazing to say the least. The detail of this trailer really stands and you'd say its pretty accurate if you've ever played the games. As of 2014 there is no plans for a The Legend of Zelda movie, but Nintendo is kicking around the idea of an animated one. Looking back at video games like Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy being transformed into film, there's no reason why Zelda can't join in on the party, right?

Right, but wait a new challenger appears! TPZ or better known as The Zelda Project has confirmed they are working on a short film. They've launched a full blown website and have photos, videos and blog post of all the progress. They're taking donations and also launching a kickstarter very soon for their live action sequence. Pretty exciting stuff! The updates they're giving are few and far between, but don't fret it looks like it's coming along nicely. 


There's no question the movie would be a hit; not only that, but it would also stir curiosity in people who've never played the games. Coming to the end of the road, and realizing there's no hope for a movie anytime soon, we took things into our own hands. Here at JiPoshy we consider ourselves pretty big fans of the series, so we put together an idea of who we think would be strong actors and actresses in this weeks "What if?" Wednesday.   

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If you've played any of the installments from the Zelda series then you know that there is no voice acting. That's what makes the experience so great, it's like reading an interactive book where you decide what and when it happens. This is a serious issue for some people, and can turn people off to the entire film. If there's one thing that sure, it's that you can't please everybody. 

So with that said, what will it be? Just like the games? Mouths are moving but nothings coming out? We already turn captions on movies with sound, so why not? That would be such an interesting twist, since there are NO movies like that these days. What do you think? Should there be voice acting? Or just captioned dialogue?

There are now more than a handful of Zelda games available. With that said, if they were going to make a movie out of it, what game would they base it off of? Should they stick with one story and keep it nearly identical to the game plot? Or should they mix it up a bit and combine elements from say 3 of the games? Maybe turn it into a Lord of The Rings movie with a duration of 3 or 4 hours? DVD sets and extended versions? Please!

How do you want your monsters? Over easy? Scrambled? Sunny side up? Movies these days bomb all the time for being over-saturated with CGI. Sometimes the excess can seem obvious to the public but goes unnoticed to the people creating it. Yes, indeed there is a tipping point when it comes to how much CGI is used. So in the making of The Legend of Zelda, should CGI or practical effects be used?

Do you think Ghoma the giant spider would look better computerized or hairy and as real as it gets? Naturally when thinking about these things we think price, but it's a large misconception that CGI is a cheaper way to go. Sometimes the materials for the practical effects can be found very cheap. So what do think, does it matter? How about a mix of both? 

Now onto the fun part - We chose certain actors and actresses that we felt not only resembled the characters, but could capture their personalities as well. We also only took some of  the characters into consideration for major roles. We've included characters from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. It's a sure bet that we will receive some fire for not including Wind Waker or any of the other installments, so we apologize in advance. 


Elisha Cuthbert as Princess Zelda

The "Why?":  Princess Zelda needs to be a beautiful choice. She also needs to show her beauty without exposing a head full of empty thoughts. Elisha Cuthbert possesses a strong beauty about her and proves she's more than just a pretty face in her interviews. If it's one thing Zelda is full of, it's wisdom. We believe Cuthbert has the ability to pull this role off just fine. If you also look at the other choices of actresses, you'll find it's very hard to find the right face. Try it! Let us know who you think would be a better fit.   

Orlando Bloom as Link

The "Why?": One word - Legolas. Do we seriously need to say more? He's practically Link's twin with longer hair. It's easy to see Bloom as Link because he's small and has that soft face. He's also no stranger to swordplay as most of his movies end up with him holding one. His body type, baby face, experience with swords, did we leave anything out? Do you think you have a better idea for who would play link? Let us know. 

Ryan Reynolds as Ganondorf

The "Why?": He's big, buff and lately he loves that beard. With the exception of his horrible attempt to be the hero in The Green Lantern, he plays some of the slimiest characters ever created. He's so convincing people actually believe he's that way in person. If you've seen him in Amityville Horror, then you know just how scary this guy can get. He was absolutely terrifying as the brutal, violent and possessed father. Have a better idea for who would play Ganondorf? Let us know!


Kevin Spacey as The Mask Salesman

Tyra Banks as Midna

Lily Collins as Malon

Edward Norton as Zant

Now imagine everything being ruined when Ryan Reynolds opens his big mouth and sounds like Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. Maybe stripping the voice acting isn't such a bad idea huh? What do you think about the idea of a full blown Zelda movie? Do you think it would do well at the box office? Should they make a film for every installment or fuse them? What actors or actresses would you pick to be in it? Why do you think your choices are better than ours? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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