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Do you know an Aries? Do you know what everyone says about them? Learn here.

The accuracy of the personality traits for the Zodiac signs can be an eye opening experience. Most people identify with the traits while others deny them. A couple weeks ago we talked about Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, and now Aries. So what is it about Aries? What traits should you look out for? What characteristics could affect a relationship with one? 

Aries, like all fire signs, are known to have a raging temper. In fact, Sagittarius and Aries are best known for their short fuses. 

So why are Aries hot tempered? Why do they get mad so easily? It's not anger we're here to talk about today, it's their short attention span. 

Take another sign with a very short attention span, the Gemini, and lets compare the two. Take sandcastles for example - a Gemini will start to build one, then be quickly distracted by a bird, then a wave, then a car, then their phone, etc. Gemini's tend to leave many task unfinished. Much like the Virgo, but the Virgo's reason isn't distraction, it's procrastination brought on by perfection.

Now lets take Aries - They build a sandcastle, a wave hits it, so they stomp the rest of it. Their short attention span is caused by a low tolerance for irritation. Does this sound familiar? Yes the Taurus also carries very little resistance for irritation, but they'd rather continue and complain about it. 

Lady Gaga is an Aries, so does that mean she has anger issues? 

These traits can be damaging or helpful depending on how the Aries looks at it. Aries are also more likely to be cheaters in relationships due to their short attention span. Aries is a fire sign that needs to feel the burn that life has to offer, even if it's by their own hands. 

Kristen Stewart from the Twilight saga self-sabotaged her co-star romance with Robert Pattinson. Can you guess what sign she is? 

Are all Aries cheaters? No. Are all Aries hot tempered? No. Do all Aries have anger issues? No. Do all Aries have a short attention span? No. These qualities are like leaves in the water, they float to the top because they're the lightest and least controlled. 

Any person of any Zodiac sign can have control over the negative highlights of their personality. Some have them so under control, you'd never think they existed. 

So what do you think? Do you know an Aries? Are they hot tempered? Do they have a short attention span? Let us know what your experiences have been. 

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