Monday, January 6, 2014


Is Johnny Depp the shyest person on the planet? 

It is clear Johnny Depp has been the poster boy for females in the range from teenage girls to full grown women, but what is not so clear is the reason behind it. Most women will tell you confidence is the sexiest quality they seek in a man, others will tell you security along with the feeling of being protected is what they look for. With someone as shy and timid as Johnny Depp is, you think he wouldn't be popular with the girls on his best day. 

Johnny has admitted in interviews he was the nerdy guy in high school who never got any attention from the opposite sex and when discussing women he really doesn't show much interest for them. This of course has brought up questions like "Is Johnny Depp Gay?" "Is Johnny Depp Bisexual?". The answers to these questions aren't clear, but he does seem to make a lot of "gay" references in his interviews. References from the characters he plays to his interest in playing with barbie dolls.  

Johhny has also made it known he hates interviews. If you've ever had the pleasure of sitting through a Johnny Depp interview it might be up there with the most awkward thing you've ever witnessed. Not only will it make you cringe, but it will make you feel very uncomfortable for the people involved. We recently came across an interview between Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel that is a perfect example of this. Johnny seems so uncomfortable that he seems lost for words and actually kisses Kimmel a couple times to break the judgemental silence.

via YouTube

Regardless of how you feel about him personally, you have to give the man credit for his acting. He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He's acknowledged he's shy and weird many times, so what people are saying is nothing new to him. If you're a Johnny Depp fan, be a Johnny Depp fan. You can still be a fan of the work, and not the individual. Too often will people confuse the two and punish one for the other.

 So what do you think? Is Johnny Depp shy? Do you think its a turn off when someone is that shy? Do you think the gay speculation is fair? Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but are you one of the millions of women who would be devastated if he came out? Do you think he's weird, or just misunderstood? Are you excited about his new movie? We want to hear from all you Johnny Depp fans out there. Speak up and let us know.

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