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100 people can't be wrong.

Breakfast is a pretty controversial topic these days with health fanatics, the question seems to always be "should you or shouldn't you?". Here at JiPoshy we believe you most certainly should. The first meal of the day is arguably the most important, but is what you choose to eat the more important factor? 

We asked 100 random people total in 5 states "What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?". We caught people coming out of waffle houses, coffee shops, cafe's, bookstores and gas stations to hit them with the question. Some of the answers we got we weren't expecting, but here are the top 15 we heard.

15. Muffins
Image: dumpaday
Isn't it strange when you see the mini-muffins? Why not just eat a whole one? You end up eating 3 or 4 of the mini ones anyway right? Muffins are cupcakes without the frosting, which is probably why some of our answers were "breakfast cupcake". 

14. Sausage
Image: tumblr / heyveronica
Sausage is pretty popular as a breakfast choice. If you love sausage but have never tried the maple sausage, you definitely owe it to yourself. With your choice of turkey, beef, pork or vegetarian, how can you go wrong?

13. Hash Browns
Image: tumblr / foodinspace
The golden brown food of the gods. This delicious snack is a favorite with salt and ketchup. With so many ways to serve potatoes, you can't go wrong when including it in your breakfast.  

12. Granola
Image: gifbay
This crunchy, sweet and messy favorite can be a real convenient snack on the go. With bags and bars of it being sold like crazy it remains a strong favorite not only for breakfast but for anytime of the day.

11. Oatmeal
Image: giphy
Fast food chains have jumped on the bandwagon now offering oatmeal on their breakfast menus. With more than a handful of flavors and ways to prepare them, the idea of oatmeal for breakfast isn't going away anytime soon.

10. Bacon
Image: tumblr / funnycutegifs
More men gave us "Bacon" for their answer than women. Like sausage, it comes in many delicious varieties. Even though it's not the healthiest choice, it's a big favorite. Just the smell of bacon in the morning can pull people out of bed.

09. Waffles
Image: funnyjunk
Chicken and waffles have become very popular lately even though it's been around for quite some time. These crispy golden brown circles are responsible for morning smiles worldwide.

08. Oranges
Image: tumblr / gifs.tastefullyoffensive
Women more than men gave us fruit for their answer. When asked for a more specific answer "oranges" came up second to number 5 on our list. With orange juice being the number 1 juice at breakfast time, it's easy to see how oranges made the top 15 things to eat for breakfast.

07. French Toast
Image: gifrific
Toast dipped in egg, fried and sprinkled with cinnamon? Who wouldn't say yes? French toast remains a heavy competitor for the breakfast crown to the majority of the population.

06. Pancakes
Image: tumblr / weheartitttblog
If you've been on Pinterest lately, then you know the recipes for pancakes are endless. Cake for breakfast? Yes please! The smell of maple syrup is a trademark scent in every restaurant during the breakfast hours.

05. Bananas
Image: tumblr / finnharris
Ah the banana - A quick, light, and healthy choice for any person on the go. Delicious, easy to digest, packed with potassium, this fruit is even recommended by bodybuilders for a quick surge of energy before a workout.   

04. Donuts
Image: tumblr / cc-studios
The donut is the official food of the workplace. This sugary cake is a last minute, lazy but convenient way of giving thanks to your co-workers. It's hard to admit, but people often give in when offered one. 

03. Bagels
Image: tumblr / sweevle
Bagels came in neck and neck with donut but still had the edge. People will actually go for a bagel over a donut thinking it's a healthier option. The truth is by the time the butter and cream cheese is on, it's just as bad or worse in calories.

02. Eggs
Image: tumblr / foodgif
Eggs are the main source of protein for any morning meal. With so many ways to prepare them, eggs remain the main course of most breakfast menu's. The nutritional value alone, puts the rest of this list to shame. 

01. Cereal
Image: tumblr / creamypopcorn
More young people than any age group gave us cereal for their answer, but that doesn't mean adults don't love it just as much. Some people are obsessed with cereal and eat giant bowls at a time. Regardless of the health benefits, it stays number 1 for the favorite thing people like to eat for breakfast.

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Do you agree with the list for the most part? Or do you think these people are wrong? After all, 100 people isn't that many. Did they leave something out? Let us know!

gif: tumblr

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