Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Stop denying it, you don't want to grow up. 

Truly, our lives start taking a depressing turn for the worst when we "grow up". When we were kids, money, food and having a roof over our heads were the least of our worries. The smallest amount of money we had was quickly spent on candy or some toy we really wanted. Typically we hold onto this lifestyle throughout our teens but demand more. Somewhere between 22 and 25 we identify this behavior as a selfish one and completely disconnect. 

Welcome to adulthood. Money, food and a roof over your head is now an issue you need to maintain full responsibility ON YOUR OWN. Even so, some people maintain a balance between the two and those people seem the happiest. You can still dream like a kid and be a responsible adult. Growing up doesn't mean the death of the imagination, but it does mean the birth of making better decisions. Here are 15 reasons you might still be a kid at heart.

15. Your idea of exercise is different from everyone else's.

 14. Watching your parents kiss still grosses you out.

13. You get excited easily.

12. You multi-task just because.

11. You don't obey the rules.

10. You like books that are illustrated.

09. You care about your friends too much.

08. You don't care who's watching

07. You like talking more than listening.

06. You actually enjoy spending time with your parents. 

05. You're not afraid to speak your mind.

04. You say "I hate you" and you mean it.

03. Christmas and Birthdays are all that matter.

02. You find everything funny.

01. Mornings are painful.

Images: Giphy